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Top 4 FAQs

1. Who needs artist development and why is it so crucial? 

Literally every artist and band on the planet either needs or benefited from artist development, from tweens experimenting in the garage to Taylor Swift to the Rolling Stones.

Today’s diverse icons, largely discovered in small bars and clubs, benefited from artist development, given time and opportunity to fully bake by multi-album label deals. The model no longer exists. As a result, many new major artists today only experience a "transient moment," devoid of a catalog which can stand the test of time. And many more are ill-prepared for the spotlight, prematurely crashing otherwise potentially long-term careers. 

Further, Spotify’s new policy will no longer payout tracks until a 1K annual stream threshold is hit, yet most content, 100K tracks uploaded daily, never come close. Lastly, the near future will include fierce competition from AI-driven music. The entire music landscape as we know it will shift from sync to production to consumption. How you adapt and adopt is critical. It is time to up your game.


2. What exactly is artist development?

Music artist development nurtures and refines your skills, image, and your overall career to help you stand out in the crowd and above the noise. It involves various aspects aimed at helping you grow and succeed in an overcrowded competitive space. It includes:

  1. Songwriting: Refining and elevating songwriting skills to create compelling songs.

  2. Fan Engagement: Building community with fans and superfans.

  3. Performance Skills: Helping develop strong stage presence as a public figure and your ability to connect with an audience in live performances and acoss media.

  4. Image and Branding: Working on public image, including style, fashion and overall brand identity.

  5. Recording and Production: Guidance in creating high-quality recordings, and ensuring that the production matches your vision and market expectations.

  6. Marketing and Promotion: Developing promotion strategies, including building a social media presence, creating press materials and planning promotional campaigns.

  7. Networking: Connecting with industry professionals, including producers, managers, agents, and other artists, to build a supportive network.

  8. Career Strategy: Planning career trajectory, setting goals, and developing a roadmap for success. 

  9. Media Training: Preparing for interviews, public appearances, and other media interactions.

  10. The Business of Music: Providing guidance and understanding across the complexities of the music industry.


True artist development is priceless.

We are built to discover, develop and create global opportunities for artists and bands with our Grammy-winning A&R leadership. We provide artist development and label services to our artist partners, who may remain as free and independent as they want to be. We are 100% vested in your success because we only make money when you make money, and artists always earn the lion's share.

3. Once invited, how does iProdigy work with Artist Partners?

  • Artists invited to join iProdigy connect with our A&R team absolutely free.

  • Our team challenges partners with ongoing deep dive counsel and interactive video sessions.

  • Areas of focus: songwriting, branding, performance, attracting and growing fandom, music business, and much more.

  • Tier 1 Artist Partnership:

  • Unlimited 1 on 1 Artist Development Consults, Sync Pitching, Streaming Royalty Advances, Playlist & Digital Marketing Co-Op Access w/ a Dedicated Marketing Consultant to Scale Fandom, Unlimited Release Global Distribution to Spotify and 100+ stores, Publishing Admin and Deep-Dive Fan Engagement/Streaming Analytics.

  • Tier 2 Artist Partnership:

  • All customized to artist individual goals and team requirements and capability gaps which includes everything in Tier 1 plus the potential for Major Artist Collabs, Major Brand Sponsorship and Festival/ConcertPerformances; Artist Management, Publishing, Funding, Influencer Promotion, Playlist Promotion, and Company Profit-Sharing.

​4. What are the Artist Partnership splits?

Top artists/bands selected for Artist Partnerships are offered an 80/20 split (Artist/iProdigy) for most opportunities/services each artist accepts with the exception of traditional publishing terms beyond publishing admin (where you retain 100% ownership), should a full publishing deal be offered, and artist funding. Artists retain ownership of masters and have the final say in everything. 


iProdigy's Tier 1 artist funding program provides streaming based advances for marketing, promotion, and related career-centric expenses. Funding is based on historical and future speculative streaming data. Tier 2 Artist Partner funding is more robust and customized. 

And ultimately, iProdigy offers unprecedented corporate profit-sharing with top Artist Partners.

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