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Earn Commission & Long-Term Passive Income

Discover Your Next Favorite Side Hustle

An iProdigy A&R Scout side hustle is a perfect fit if you love music and want to help artists and bands level up their game. 

It's simple and rewarding. Reach out to artists and bands in IRL and online. Preach the good word about iProdigy and send them to us.


We'll give you a code that tracks streaming royalties and you will earn a split from each artist we partner with, plus a 10% referral fee ($30) for every artist that signs on for an A&R CheckUp.

Or maybe you're an artist struggling with investing in iProdigy. Our partner program is perfect for you, too.  Send us ten artists who sign on and your $300 is covered!


If that artist breaks big - you made the difference and will earn a slice of their success for as long as we distribute their music.

Our partner program is also a perfect fit for indie artist-centric brands, providing scale to the above.

Simply, fill out the form to get started and learn more!

Let's Get Started!

Thanks so much. We'll be back to you soon.

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