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Questions Answered

1. Why is iProdigy different from other music distributors? 

We are built to discover, develop and create global opportunities for iProdigy distributed artists with our Grammy-winning A&R leadership. We provide 100% free artist development services to select top-tier talent. We offer Artist Partnership deals as opposed to traditional recording contracts so artists remain free and independent. We are a unique team of world-class dealmakers with a vested interest in your success, building a true community of artists.


iProdigy distribution subscriptions are $5/month billed annually for unlimited releases and you retain 100% ownership. We offer a sliding scale of streaming royalty splits based on monthly stream counts. See Question 2.


Disrupting the music biz 2.0 status quo, iProdigy is pioneering the way forward to a fully democratized music domain.

2. How can I get discovered on iProdigy?

It all starts with global distribution of your next release. Our A&R team scouts every artist we distribute. If we are a good match for collaboration, you'll be invited. An important note: if you can't generate at least 500 streams/month, you are not a good fit for iProdigy. That being said, we help artists find success with a monthly leaderboard and song of the month contests offering rewards like music gear, free promotion, livestream showcases, live shows and stronger streaming royalty splits - all before we invite you to partner with us!

Here's a breakdown of pre-partnership royalty splits: (artist/iProdigy)

0-10K monthly streams: 80/20

10,001 - 50K monthly streams: 85/15

50,001 + monthly streams 90/10

3. Once invited, how does iProdigy work with Artist Partners?\

  • Artists invited to join iProdigy connect with our A&R team absolutely free.

  • Our team challenges member artists w/ ongoing deep dive counsel and interactive video sessions.

  • Tier 1 Artist Partnership: Synch Opportunities, Streaming Royalty Based Advances, Playlist & Digital Marketing Co-Op Access w/ a dedicated marketing consultant to make it all happen and Deep-Dive Fan Engagement/Streaming Analytics.

  • Tier 2 Artist Partnership: All customized to artist individual goals and team requirements and may include:  Artist Management, Publishing, Funding, Marketing & Strategy, Influencer Promotion, Playlist Promotion, Major Artist Collabs, Major Brand Sponsorship, White Glove Distribution, Festival & Concert PerformancesTV Development and Company Profit-Sharing.

​4. What are the Artist Partnership splits?

Top artists/bands selected for Artist Partnerships are offered an 80/20 split (Artist/iProdigy) for all opportunities/services each artist accepts with the exception of traditional publishing terms and artist fundingArtists retain ownership of masters and have the final say in everything. 


iProdigy's Tier 1 artist funding program provides streaming based advances for marketing, promotion, and related career-centric expenses. Terms are short and sweet. iProdigy investors are offered limited splits post recoupment. Funding is based on historical and future speculative streaming data. Tier 2 Artist Partner funding is more robust and customized. 


In the future, we will make it possible for fans to invest in music the same way investors invest in stocks. All Artist Partners are automatically added to the waitlist for this gamechanging opportunity.

And ultimately, iProdigy offers unprecedented corporate profit-sharing with top Artist Partners.

5. What genres, artists and types of songs are you looking for?

We are looking to build relationships with authentic artists and bands who write their own songs across all genres. Cover songs are OK, but must be truly unique. You must be a self-promoter and be able to grow your fan base and streams, as we look at engagement metrics closely. We are not looking for catalogs of white noise, sound efx, clips of film/tv scores or hobbyist weekenders. In short, iProdigy is scouting prodigies and future icons of the 2030s right now.


6. Has iProdigy signed Artist Partners yet?

We launched a pre-release private beta test and have identified a few artists that we are considering partnering with as of October 2023. We are  getting to know each other, so stay tuned for press releases and updates. Check out our Artists to Watch page, too.

7. What's next?

Fall 2023 - Release Top 10 Streaming Artist Leaderboard offering merit-based rewards. Release updated Spotify playlists and socials.

Summer 2024 - iProdigy Live @ US music festivals.

Fall 2024 - Release 1st TV Docu-Series featuring iProdigy Artist Partners collaborating with Major Artists.

Spring 2025 -  Release predictive & generative A&R AI to further transform and democratize the music industry for artists and fans.

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