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No Music Biz As Usual.

 iProdigy disrupts music to democratize historic barriers of entry to artist discovery, development, and promotion.

We are the first platform to integrate crucial artist development, global distribution, and promotion with Grammy-winning leadership, superfan influencers, and world-class opportunity to break artists.

We provide the expertise, services, and opportunities of a global label. Artists remain in control and independent.

The problem we solve that other distributors and labels don't? We get you heard by a team of Grammy-winning dealmakers and provide a deep-dive evaluation of your music which can lead to development, promotion, and career making opportunities.


An invite-only Artist Partnership, offered to exceptional iProdigy talent, opens up that world of opportunity. It is 100% free and built to help you level up.  We are vested in your success and building a true artist community.

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